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Connectors support data speeds up to 56Gbps

December 17, 2019  Stephen Law

MOLEX Mirror Mezz connector system delivers data rates of up to 56Gbps per differential pair, providing stackable mating and is suitable for space-constrained servers, networking and telecommunications equipment — especially for companies adopting OCP hardware. Connector system provides a stitched ball grid array (BGA) that reduces lead times and allows for a simplified product matrix. Product’s intricately designed terminal structure provides numerous mechanical strengths and cutting-edge electrical features to facilitate high data rates. Various combinations of the 2.50 and 5.50mm connectors result in 11.00, 8.00 or 5.00mm mated stack heights. Offering a 1 A maximum current per contact, devices carry a maximum voltage 30Vac and feature a dielectric withstanding (hipot) voltage of 500Vdc. 

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