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Connector joins pcbs to LCD displays

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect Engineering Supply Chain connector connector

FUJIPOLY AMERICA Zebra 1002 Carbon Connector provides a reliable option for connecting printed circuit boards to a variety of LCD displays. Device’s layered construction includes 240 alternating layers of conductive and non-conductive silicone per inch allowing it to accommodate contact pad spacing as close as .015” (0.38mm). No soldering or additional supports are required for installation and an extremely low compression force is necessary to make compliant surface-to-surface contact. Device provides a current carrying capacity of 50mA per .040” x .040” pad and can be ordered to fit your exact application. Custom dimensions can be specified in the following ranges: length (.157”-9.00”), width (.015”-.118”) and height (.020”-.750”). http://www.fujipoly.com


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