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Connector deliver compact, powerful solution for automation devices

May 9, 2021  Stephen Law

CONEC M12 connectors series includes L-coded axial THR variants, offering a compact, powerful solution for supplying power to automation devices. Devices require approximately 50 % less installation space compared to a 7/8″ connector. Due to the high current carrying capacity of up to 16A, products also ensure the power supply of devices through a miniaturized interface. Device’s M12x1 L-coding is standardised according to IEC 61076-2-111, allowing the user to save space and have greater freedom in the design. Device’s insulating bodies with O-ring are available as male and female version, each in 4-pos. and in 4-pos. with FE. Suitable housings are available for front and rear panel mounting, with width flats providing anti-rotation protection in the housing, if required.

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