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Configurable capacitor technology platform boosts performance, reduces size

Stephen Law   

Electronics capacitors silicon

EMPOWER SEMICONDUCTOR E-CAP family of silicon capacitors has integrated multiple discrete capacitances into a single solid-state device, among the thinnest, most compact and most flexible solution on the market. The technology brings together a capacitor density that is over five times that of leading multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) with improved equivalent series inductance (ESL) and equivalent series resistance (ESR) characteristics that dramatically reduce parasitics. Designed using the most advanced trench capacitor technology, the platform offer densities of 1.1µF/mm2, which is over twice the density of alternative silicon capacitor technologies. In addition to the density, thickness levels can be achieved below 50µm in overall height.  Multiple, matched capacitance values from 75pF to 5µF (@2V) can be integrated into a single die to create custom integrated capacitor arrays, while form factors can be customized for the space and height limitations of a particular application. Packaging options based on bumps, pads and pillars allow designers to choose the best solution based on specific system constraints

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