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Compact aluminum electrolytic capacitors boost current capability

TDK CORP B41897 series of EPCOS single-ended aluminum electrolytic capacitors provide a compact design, a high CV product and high ripple current capability. Devices are available for rated voltages of between 25Vdc and 75Vdc and cover a capacitance range from 270μF to 12,000μF. Product dimensions range from 12.5 mm x 20 mm to 18 mm x 40 mm (d x l) depending on the voltage and capacitance. Devices can be exposed to high temperatures and are designed for continuous operation at up to 135°C and for a peak temperature of 150°C. In comparison with previous series, it has been possible to increase the ripple current capability, while at the same time raising the capacitance by as much as 60%. Thus, the maximum ripple current capability is higher than 7A at 125°C and 100kHz.

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