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Compact 3000W integrated servo motor comes with built-in controller

October 29, 2018  Stephen Law

ELECTROMATE JVL complete, high-capacity MAC motor with rating of 3000W provides a complete servo systems including a high-dynamic ac servo motor, hall-sensors, encoder, power supply, driver and positioning controller and Nano-PLC, as well as facilities for incorporating various control modules such as Bluetooth, WLAN, ZigBee, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, Nano PLC, RS232/RS485/USB, Process Control, etc. Device has a length of 311.8mm, with a torque of 9.55/28.6Nm at 3000rpm, matching the size of traditional servo motors without built-in controllers with flange 130x130mm.

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