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Compact 1.6T Ethernet PHY delivers up to 800GbE Connectivity

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors chip semiconductor

MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY PM6200 META-DX2L compact, 1.6T (terabits per second), low-power PHY (physical layer) solution reduces power per port by 35% compared to its 56G PAM4 predecessor, META-DX1, the industry’s first terabit-scale PHY solution. With its high-density 1.6T bandwidth, space-saving footprint, 112G PAM4 SerDes technology, and support for Ethernet rates from 1 to 800GbE, product is an industrial-temperature-grade device that provides connectivity versatility to maximize design reuse across applications ranging from a retimer, gearbox or reverse gearbox to a hitless 2:1 multiplexor (mux). Highly configurable crosspoint and gearbox features make full use of a switch device’s I/O bandwidth to enable the flexible connections necessary for multi-rate cards that support a wide range of pluggable optics. The PHY’s low-power PAM4 SerDes enables it to support the next-generation infrastructure interface rate for cloud data centers, AI/ML compute clusters, 5G, and telecom service provider infrastructure, whether over long-reach direct attach copper (DAC) cables, backplanes, or connections to pluggable optics.

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