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Coating technology improves infrared sensor performance

GRAULING RESEARCH IR-ISE (Infrared – Improved Sensor Efficiency) photoconductive infrared sensor coating developed with an IR thin-film coating that enhances performance and improves efficiency of infrared sensors. In many applications the coating also seals and protects the device, eliminating the need for glass encapsulation. Product was developed for use with lead sulfide (PbS) and lead selenide (PbSe) sensors. Coating designs can reduce the surface reflection of incident radiation by utilizing environmentally-rugged, single or multi-layered thin-film coatings. In applications where glass encapsulation is no longer needed, product reduces the size and weight of the photodetector and lessens the amount of time, materials, and labor costs needed for assembly.  http://www.graulingresearch.com

Grauling Research IR- ISE SensorArray



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