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Circuit breaker is UL 508, UL 1077 approved

SCHURTER AS168X thermal magnetic, high performance miniature circuit breaker is approved for both UL 508, Manual Motor Controller and UL 1077, Supplementary Protector standards.  Device also offers ac and dc in the same frame size. The ac series provides ratings of 0.5 to 52 A @ 480 Y / 277 Vac with an interrupt capacity of 10 kA, making it suitable for industrial applications. The UL 508 Manual Motor Controller provides motor disconnect from 0.5 to 30A and provides motor protection from 1/10-20 horsepower for applications such as motor and control panel applications. The dc series is rated 0.5 to 52A @ 360Vdc with an interrupt capacity of 10kA, as well as three levels of short circuit protection, categorized by F/DF, G/DG and H/DH curves. Devices are available in ac or dc units from one to four poles.  http://www.schurter.com

SCHURTER AS168X circuit breaker

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