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Chassis slot baffles control airflow levels

June 20, 2020  Stephen Law

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES Electronic enclosure air baffles control the amount of airflow for an individual backplane slot. The air blockers can be employed in OpenVPX designs or other Eurocard standards such as VME/64x, CompactPCI, cPCI Serial, and more. There are four variants of the product: 50% blockage, 75% blockage, total blockage and custom. Units come in 160mm length standard and 5HP (1.0”) width, but are customizable to 4HP (0.8”). Products only modify the airflow on the front side of the board. The total blockage type is used when modules are not installed but could be utilized at a later date. A customized slot blocker allows for a ventilation pattern tailored to a specific cooling requirement. 

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