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Ceramic system serves mmWave 5G wireless devices

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials materials production

DUPONT MICROCIRCUIT COMPONENT MATERIALS GreenTape 9KC Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) system with Ag metallization is known for extremely low dielectric loss at Df ≤ 0.0009 throughout the 5G millimeter wave wireless communication frequencies. The system enables economic mass production for high-reliability modules featuring heterogenous IC packaging, antennae, and signal routing. The project co-developer, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), with support from the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, invested in the deployment of high-frequency materials for communications. ITRI successfully designed, built, and tested a system based on a 9KC Antenna in Package (AiP) that demonstrates the power of the material platform to provide a tangible reference design aligned with the cost structure of volume production. Materials will be offered in the future to advance instant communication for autonomous vehicles, 5G mmWave band, military operations, remote surgery, robotics, and other applications.

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