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Ceramic capacitors come in modular flex-assembly technology

Stephen Law   

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TDK CORP. CeraLink FA capacitors provide modular flex-assembly technology and save space by connecting two, three or 10 identical capacitors in parallel over the same terminals in order to increase the capacitance. Devices are available for rated voltages of 500Vdc, 700 Vdc and 900 Vdc. Depending on the voltage and number of capacitors, this results in rated capacitance values of between 0.5µF and 10µF. One particular feature of these capacitors based on PLZT (lead lanthanum zirconate titanate) ceramics is their high permissible operating temperature of 150°C. FA types have a width of 7.4mm and a height of 9.1mm; while the lengths are 6.3mm, 9.3mm or 30.3mm. Small devices deliver a ripple current capability of up to 47 ARMS.


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