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Carrier board family includes PCIe Gen 3 version

AMFELTEC Squid family of PCI Express carrier boards for M.2 SSD modules support PCI Express Gen 3. The one-slot-wide, half-height device comes in two versions, allowing users to connect up to two, or up to four M.2 SSD modules to one PCI Express motherboard slot, depending on needs. Products operate on any motherboard and do not require bifurcation support. Devices are based on the same patent-pending assembly concept as the first Squid products: the carrier board is located in the middle of the PCI Express slot. The M.2 connectors (M-key) are located on both sides of the carrier boards (top and bottom), and can accommodate any standard M.2 SSD with x4 PCI Express Gen 3. http://amfeltec.com/squid-pci- express-carrier-boards

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