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Capacitive hidden switch used behind non-conductive surfaces

November 8, 2021  Stephen Law

SCHURTER CHS series Capacitive Hidden Switch is intended for use behind non-conductive surfaces. Product series expands on the potential applications for Human Interface Devices (HID) by enabling interface designers more flexibility in custom panel design. The standard CHS is designed to mount behind a glass surface up to 2mm in thickness. Simply remove the protective cover and adhere the switch. The switch is programmed so that it does not false trigger in the event of contact from spray or running liquids, or minor wiping. Activation is achieved by a precise touch of the switch surface. The sensitivity of the CHS can be adjusted to specific application requirements, which also applies to the thickness of the material behind which the switch is bonded. The hidden CHS has no mounting holes or switch openings that would allow for ingress of liquids and dirt, or microbes.

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