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Buck-boost regulator optimized for sensing in wearables, IoT

January 11, 2019  Stephen Law

MAXIM INTEGRATED MAX20345 integrated buck-boost regulator delivers ultra-low-power and integrates a lithium charger, while debuting a new architecture that optimizes the sensitivity of optical measurements for wearable fitness and health applications. Device delivers the desired low-quiescent current performance without the drawbacks that degrade SNR and, as a result, can increase performance by up to 7dB (depending on measurement conditions). 6

Device integrates a lithium-ion battery charger; six voltage regulators, each with ultra-low quiescent current; three nanoPower bucks (900nA typical) and three ultra-low quiescent current LDO regulators (as low as 550nA typical). Two load switches allow disconnecting of system peripherals to minimize battery drain.


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