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Buck-boost dc-dc converter is 12.5A 300W rated

August 17, 2020  Stephen Law

TDK CORP. i7C non-isolated dc-dc converter series now includes 12.5A 300W rated models. With an input range of 9 to 53Vdc, the output can be adjusted from 5 to 28V.  Product’s topology enables a seamless transition from buck (voltage reduction) to boost (voltage increase) operation. Product series is suitable for generating additional high power outputs, from existing 12, 24, 36 or 48V system voltages, in medical, communications, industrial, test and measurement and battery powered equipment. Efficiencies of up to 96% minimize power losses, allowing the product to operate and deliver high useable power in demanding thermal environments. Under light load conditions, device’s control techniques significantly reduce power dissipation. A 5mA input current draw is typical under zero load conditions. 

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