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Buck-boost dc-dc converter delivers adjustable current limit option

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Electronics Power Supply / Management buck-boost dc-dc non-isolated power power supply tdk

TDK CORP. TDK-Lambda brand 300W rated i7C non-isolated dc-dc converter series now includes adjustable current limit models. The buck-boost board mount power modules have input ranges of 9 up to 53Vdc with output voltage adjustment from 5 to 28V, 8 to 24V or 9.6 to 48V depending upon the output current rating. The i7C topology enables a seamless transition from buck (voltage reduction) to boost (voltage increase) operation. The ‘Itrim’ output current limit function enables parallel operation of modules for higher power requirements, operation in constant current, or reducing device stress where overloading may occur due to charging large capacitive loads. Models are suitable for generating additional high-power dc outputs from 12, 24, and 48V system voltages in medical, automated guided vehicles (AGV), industrial mobile robots (IMR), drones, industrial, test, measurement, and battery-powered equipment.

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