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Bi-directional 15kW / 500V dc power supply

GLOBAL TEST SOLUTIONS DELTA SM500-CP-90 15kW standard power supply provides a bi-directional output and operates easily. Unit provides a flexible constant power output characteristic-the lower the voltage, the higher the current. For example: 500V = -30 to +30A; 250V = -60 to +60A, and 166V = -90 to +90A. Voltage, positive current and negative current can all be adjusted from zero to maximum. In sink mode, Delta’s Power Regeneration Technology returns energy back to the grid with an efficiency of 95%. Due to this high efficiency, the cabinet height is just 3U, without compromise to the product lifespan. Dynamic response to load changes is improved, allowing very fast load variations between -90 and +90A. The all-digital control makes it possible to adapt regulation to matchload type.


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