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Battery charging system delivers 3-in-1 charging solution

June 16, 2021  Stephen Law

DELTA-Q TECHNOLOGIES XV3300 line of battery charging solutions combines a high-performance 3.3kW charger, a 500W dc-dc converter, and an EV charging station interface in a highly compact package. Unit is a suitable solution for power-train electrification. Product answers OEM customers’ need for on-board charging power up to 20 kW delivered in a compact, fully sealed IP67 package. Product includes dc-dc converter for auxiliary dc loads, a VCIM (Vehicle Charge Interface Module) for simple connection to public EV charging, and the ability to stack the chargers for configurable power levels. A 3.3kW charger will be available in 58.8V, 65V, and 120V models and is scalable, allowing OEMs to stack chargers for power levels up to 20kW. Unit delivers a precise charge of battery packs of various chemistries and voltages to maximize battery life and optimize charge time.

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