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Backplane design capability in excess of 100GbE

Stephen Law   

Electronics Backplane

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES High performance backplane with signals above 28 Gbaud across the backplane slots, features a design that leverages the 6U OpenVPX form factor and VITA 66/67 RF and optical interfaces, but utilizes a special high-speed connector for the fastest data rates. Product provides 14 slots with both RF and optical interfaces through the backplane to the rear panel of a Pixus RiCool chassis. Product employs high-grade pcb materials, back-drilling, and specialized routing strategies to optimize signal performance.  For speeds of PCIe Gen4 (16 Gbaud/sec) or above, product typically performs signal integrity (SI) studies to help ensure the performance of the high-speed signals.  The SI results of these backplanes have shown excellent results with large eye diagram openings, etc.

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