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Automotive-qualified MLVs feature soft terminations

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management automotive MLVs varistors

KYOCERA AVX VCAS Series automotive-qualified multilayer varistors (MLVs) are equipped with firm’s patented FLEXITERM soft termination technology, which has been widely employed on MLCCs for more than 15 years. Devices reliably withstand severe flexing, vibration, and temperature cycling, enabling up to 5mm of mechanical board flexure over 3,000 temperature cycles extending up to 150°C with zero board flex failures, including internal cracks and depanelization, and no significant changes to electrical characteristics.

The FLEXITERM technology provides increased reliability and outstanding mechanical and thermomechanical performance compared to competing solutions in automotive under-hood applications such as engine sensors with a direct connection to the battery rail, as well as in automotive audio circuits, aerospace, industrial, and downhole drilling applications, and IoT applications including smart watches, other wearables, and cleaning robots.

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