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Automotive grade chip capacitors lower ESR, boost volumetric efficiency

Stephen Law   

Electronics capacitors chip molded tantalum

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY Polytech T51 series automotive grade series of vPolyTan surface-mount polymer tantalum molded chip capacitors deliver improved performance in high temperature, high humidity operating conditions. The AEC-Q200 qualified devices provide lower ESR, lower voltage derating and a benign failure mode, while maintaining higher volumetric efficiency than traditional tantalum capacitors. Offered in the compact D (EIA 7343-31) and V (EIA 7343-20) case sizes, devices deliver a wide capacitance range from 6.8µF to 330µF over voltage ratings from 2.5V to 35V and a capacitance tolerance of ± 20%. Featuring a highly conductive polymer cathode system, the capacitors provide ultra low ESR from 120 mΩ down to 40 mΩ at +25 °C.

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