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Automotive 150°C power inductor delivers compact size, large current

Stephen Law   

Electronics automotive inductor power

TAIYO YUDEN MCOIL LCCN series multilayer metal power inductors are AEC-Q200 (reliability qualification test standard for automotive passive components) qualified, including the LCCNF1608KKTR24MAD (1.6×0.8×1.0 mm, height is the maximum value).  Product is designed for use as a choke coil in power supply circuits for automotive body and information systems. Device has a wider operating temperature range of -55 to +150°C than firm’s existing product, the LCCNF1608KKTR24MA (-40 to +125°C). Product simultaneously features industry-leading dc superposition characteristics (saturation current at 3.2A) and low dc resistance (35mΩ) (both are the maximum values). Product contributes to the high-density mounting of power supply circuits for ADAS units and instrument clusters, which are increasingly being upgraded with greater functionality and performance.

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