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Arbitrary waveform generator delivers wide variety of test signals

Stephen Law   

Test & Measurement arbitrary Generators measurement T&M waveform

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SDG7000A series of dual-independent-channel arbitrary waveform generators feature up to 1GHz bandwidth, 5Gsa/s sampling, 14-bit vertical resolution and a memory depth of 512Mpts. Arbitrary waveforms are generated with sample rates from 0.01Sa/s to 2.5GSa/s, and vector signals at 500MSa/s. A wide variety of test signals can be generated, including CW, pulse, noise, PRBS patterns and 16-bit digital bus patterns. The optional digital bus feature can create 16-bit LVTTL or LVDS output with a bit rate of 1ubps to 1Gbps. Combining analog channels with the digital bus can create synchronous mixed-signal outputs for complex test situations.

Three models are available in the SDG7000A series: SDG7032A (350MHz), SDG7052A (500MHz), and SDG7102A (1GHz). Optional vector signal generation includes modulation modes such as ASK, PSK, FSK, and QAM, while the accompanying EasyIQ software helps with vector signal creation and editing. All models also include a high-precision Frequency Counter.   Instrument control is simplified by the 5” capacitive touchscreen, as well as external mouse and keyboard support and remote webserver operation.

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