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APD receiver boosts sensing, ranging, targeting, spot-tracking capabilities

May 17, 2021  Stephen Law

CMC ELECTRONICS Dual Wavelength InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Preamplifier Module stands out in its capability to provide the best signal to noise ratio in its class. Receiver provides fast overload recovery also minimizes receiver damage and usage interruption from high laser bursts. Product is suitable for eye-safe laser range finding and enables laser range finders to detect longer distances more quickly, accurately, and consistently. Module can detect optical signals at both 1064nm and 1570nm. Additional features include high-density microcircuit combined with advanced optoelectronics, nanosecond recovery from laser bursts without damage, the ability to detect signal power in ultra-low light levels (in nW), low noise equivalent power (NEP) at high temperatures and a compact design minimizing parasitic noise. Device also fits for use with airborne Lidar, high-speed low-light level detection, industrial, analytical, aerospace and defense applications as well as high-volume applications and when you have your own temperature compensation circuit.

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