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AI-enabled ASIC delivers seamless DMS/OMS functionality

Stephen Law   

Automation / Robotics Electronics Semiconductors AI ASIC automotive semiconductor

OMNIVISIONOAX4600 advanced AI-enabled application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) can seamlessly and simultaneously power dedicated driver and occupant monitoring systems (DMS/OMS). Device uses a stacked-die architecture to provide integrated RGB-IR image signal processing (ISP) with two AI neural processing units (NPUs) and embedded DDR3 memory (2Gb) in a single low power, small package chip. The next generation ASIC uses firm’s dedicated NPU with 2 tera operations per second (TOPS). Seeing Machine’s Occula NPU is also included for greater application flexibility. Device features 2Gb of embedded DDR stacked memory and utilizes the tri-ARM Cortex A53 with NEON core subsystem.

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