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Advanced thick film silver pastes serve in-mold electronics

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials materials production

DUPONT MICROCIRCUIT MATERIALS ME102, ME604 and ME614 advanced silver bearing thick film paste conductors enable in-mold electronic devices. Products have key advancements to improve thermoformability, conductivity and fine line performance. These offerings enable high productivity, improved mechanical and electrical properties allowing extended freedom in the electronic design of in-mold electronic designs, such as next generation LiDAR systems for autonomous driving or touch steering wheels with transparent 3D shaped surfaces for enhanced user experience.

ME102 highly conductive thick film conductive paste is suitable for antennae, heater and RFID functions.

ME604 general-purpose thick film conductive paste delivers improved thermoformability and conductivity.

ME614 thick film conductive paste with added laser ablation property for very fine line applications .

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