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Advanced datalogger requires zero setup

Stephen Law   

Production / Materials production profiler thermal

SOLDERSTAR SLX innovative thermal profiler provides the benefit of having zero measurement setup. Reliable temperature data provides a true picture of the process and without an established oven profile, problems can occur with soldering quality, cleaning issues or further down the line involving either rework costs or early component failures. Typically, setting up profiles for each electronic assembly can be a time consuming exercise without the right tools. Unit offsets this by including advanced smart adapters to allow profiling of soldering machines with zero setup and configuration. The precise, compact battery powered datalogger measures and records process parameters from any soldering process, and requires zero user setup. Just plug in sensors and start the profile capture, no need for datalogger resetting or configuration via a computer. All sensor detection and configuration is automatic.  The result is error free runs and quicker profile capture times.

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