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Advanced 1U full-rack ac-dc power supply is programmable

December 3, 2019  Stephen Law

TDK-Lambda 1U Full-Rack 2.7kW ac-dc programmable power supply series provides advanced performance and functionality well suited for design, test and measurement within the laboratory/R&D environment. Built into a lightweight 1U high, 19” (483mm) wide rack-mountable chassis, units offer five embedded front panel setup menus that offer user-selectable functions including internal resistance simulation, slew-rate control of output voltage/current, constant-power limit and arbitrary waveform generation. All models have three ac Input options that include a single-phase 230Vac Input (with 0.99 PF), a three-phase 208Vac Input (with 0.94 PF) or a wide-range 400Vac/480Vac Input (with 0.94 PF), and have conversion efficiencies up to 90.5% with cooling fan speed control (for reduced audible noise and extended life).

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