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900V GaN flyback switcher ICs target industrial applications

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors AEC-Q100 Gallium Nitride GaN IC industrial InnoSwitch INTEGRATIONS power PowiGaN semiconductor switcher

POWER INTEGRATIONS InnoSwitch3900-volt gallium-nitride (GaN) flyback switcher ICs feature firm’s proprietary PowiGaN technology, deliver up to 100 watts with better than 93% efficiency, eliminating the need for heat sinks and streamlining design of space-challenged applications. Devices deliver light-load efficiency making them suitable for providing auxiliary power in electric vehicles during low-power sleep modes. The AEC-Q100-qualified product family is also suitable for EVs based on 400-volt bus systems, where the 900-volt PowiGaN switch provides more power and increased design margin―required for 12-volt battery-replacement systems―with enhanced efficiency over silicon-based converters.

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