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8:1 non-isolated bus converter delivers compact form-factor

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Bus converter non-isolated

FLEX POWER MODULES BMR320 non-isolated, unregulated, dc-dc intermediate bus converter with a fixed 8:1 input/output voltage ratio in a compact form-factor. Product operates over a 40-60Vdc input range, producing a 5 to 7.5Vdc output, suitable for powering point of load converters at lower intermediate bus voltages to optimize system efficiency. Device is rated at 400W/60A at 54V input and achieves an outstanding power density of 128W/cm3 (2126W/in3), measuring 27 x 18 x 6.4mm. With efficiency peaking at 97.7%, up to three units can be paralleled for a total load of 1080 W. The parts are designed for top-side cooling to a heatsink with airflow or for liquid cooling via a thermal block, and the relatively flat design of the topside of the converter allows for easy connection via a thermal interface material such as a gap pad.

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