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650V Silicon Carbide MOSFETs boost switching, improve reliability

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management Semiconductors MOSFETs power semiconductors

ON SEMICONDUCTOR NVBG015N065SC1, NTBG015N065SC1, NVH4L015N065SC1 and NTH4L015N065SC1 automotive AECQ101 and industrial grade qualified 650 volt SiC MOSFETs are based upon a new wide bandgap material that provides improved switching performance and thermals when compared to silicon. This improves efficiency at the system level, enhances power density, reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduces system size and weight. New generation SiC MOSFETs employ a novel active cell design combined with advanced thin wafer technology enabling best in class figure of merit Rsp (Rdson*area) for 650V breakdown voltage. Devices have low Rdson (12 mOhm) in D2PAK7L and To247 packages. Technology is also optimized around energy loss figure of merits, optimizing performance in automotive and industrial applications. An internal gate resistor (Rg) allows more flexibility to designers eliminating the need to slow down devices artificially with external gate resistors.

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