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600-V gate driver boosts power density in industrial arena

Stephen Law   

Power Supply / Management

TEXAS INSTRUMENTS UCC27714 half-bridge gate driver for discrete power MOSFETs and IGBTs operates up to 600V. Device’s high-side, low-side driver with 4A source and 4A sink current capability reduces component footprint by 50%, enabling higher power density in high-frequency, offline ac-dc power supplies used in server, telecom and industrial designs including uninterruptible power supplies. Device delivers 90ns propagation delay, 40% lower than existing silicon solutions, tight control of the propagation delay with a maximum of 125ns across -40C to 125C and tight channel-to-channel delay matching of 20ns across -40C to 125C.  Device eliminates the need for bulky gate drive transformers, saving significant board space in high-frequency switch-mode power electronics. http://www.ti.com/UCC27714-pr Texas Instruments UCC27714 texas instruments UCC27714


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