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5G software diagnoses complex signal interactions on a single oscilloscope

Stephen Law   

Electronics Test & Measurement 5G test wireless

TEKTRONIX SignalVu 5G NR analysis software for 6 Series B MSO oscilloscopes performs critical 5G NR measurements per 3GPP specifications on the oscilloscopes. Each channel is backed by a digital downconverter that enables spectrum analysis synchronized with time-domain waveforms. This provides engineers with a time-coherent view of the choreography of signals that make up their designs. Product enables users to quickly diagnose faulty signal interactions on a single oscilloscope that would otherwise require painstaking correlation between multiple instruments. The analysis package enables pass/fail testing of the 5G NR physical layer to qualify transmitter designs per the 5G NR standard established under the 3GPP release of 15/16 test specifications. It includes important signal quality measurements such as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Adjacent Channel Power (ACP), Spectral Emission Mask (SEM), and Power Versus Time (PVT).

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