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3D printer aids entry-level design

November 26, 2020  Stephen Law

CROWD SUPPLY Lite3DP S1 resin micro 3D Printer is based on an Arduino board and uses mask stereolithography (MSLA) technology to provide a lightweight, noiseless, low-cost 3D printing solution. The open-source kit is easy to assemble, lowering the barrier to entry for those interested in 3D printing. Developed by Lite3DP and launched with support from Crowd Supply, printer is a fully open source solution that prioritizes simplicity and ease-of-use. Device’s firmware, software, hardware, user guide, and 3D printing files are available on the Lite3DP website. The compact, lightweight device has a form factor of 100x100x150mm and a total weight of less than 350 grams. Product produces plastic parts using a liquid photosensitive resin, which is printed and solidified layer by layer, producing a level of detail and precision unmatched by filament 3D printers. Unit is compatible with any brand of 405nm resins and functions autonomously with a microSD card. 

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