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3D-circuit technology combines mechanical, electronic functions into a single component

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HARTING 3D-Circuit technology (3D-MID or three-dimensional mechatronic integrated devices) combines mechanical and electronic functions in a single component to fit into the smallest spaces. The electronic circuit can be built into the device itself, making it more compact and functionally dense. By using injection-molded circuit boards, the number of process steps, assembly times, and parts can all be drastically cut down. 3D-MID technology serves many industries, including medical devices.

Components are constructed using very malleable bits of plastic through injection molding. This process makes it possible to create anything with precise measurements according to the requirements laid down by final customer usage. Injection molding is perfect for mass production of products with complex geometries and in miniature sizes, such as the components of high-end medical devices.

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Antenna in Capsule: This is a substitution for an endoscope. You basically swallow it like a pill which makes way more comfortable than an endoscope. Source: Harting


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