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360W medical ac-dc power supply provides 4” x 6” footprint

TRUMPOWER Tumbler Technologies TWM360A series ac-dc switching power supply meets BF (Body Floating) rated output requirements, suitable for medical applications. Unit is capable of delivering 360W of continuous output power at 20CFM forced air or 250W at convection cooling. Form factor is an open frame PCB in a low profile 4” (L) by 6” (W) by 1.18” (H) package. Product series includes five single output models (12V, 24V, 28V, 48V, 54V), each with an earth leakage current measuring <100µA @ 264Vac, 63Hz and 2-3% output regulation. Output voltage is factory preset specifically to meet the user’s request. http://www.trumpower.com

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