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24-GHz uRAD radar is small, powerful

Stephen Law   

Electronics Wireless module RADAR system uRAD

IMPULSE TECHNOLOGIES Anteral uRAD modular 24-GHz radar system is small but powerful, operating within the 24GHz Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) band, using Doppler and frequency-modulated-continuous-wave (FMCW) techniques to measure the presence, velocity, and distance to a target. Product is a building-block detection solution for security systems and autonomous vehicles with integrated SPI interface that works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi user interfaces. Device requires a two-pin connection for either interface thereby facilitating integration with other sensors, such as the LIDAR and visual cameras in vehicular ADAS applications. The compact module operates at K-band, from 24.00 to 24.25 GHz. The low-power module runs on -170 mA current at voltages from +3.5 to +10 V dc (typically +5 V dc) and operating temperatures from -20 to +65°C.

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