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2-Part thermal gap fillers boost electrical insulative properties

October 26, 2020  Stephen Law

FUJIPOLY AMERICA Sarcon LG Series of two-component thermal gap fillers provide improved electrical insulative properties and are a suitable solution for filling large, complex and uneven gaps between heat generating components that depend on reliable contact with a heat spreader to maintain optimal performance. LG23A and LG30A products easily dispense in a liquid form that will cure at room temperature or can be dramatically accelerated with exposure to temperatures up to 100℃. The mixed components cure into a flexible gel that is highly thermally conductive while exhibiting extremely low stress on delicate board components. Once cured the materials deliver a thermal conductivity of 2.3 and 3.0 W/m°K respectively. Materials are available in cartridges, pails and drums allowing them to be applied by hand or automated dispensers. 

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