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1600W converters, chargers withstand severe conditions

SCHAEFER POWER C/B 4500 Series of 6U dc-dc and ac-dc converter modules and battery chargers deliver up to 1600W of output power. Device provides a highly efficient, space-saving solution for the most extreme environments, while offering three output powers of up to 900W, 1200W and 1600W along with nine standard dc input voltage ranges: 10-16V, 20-32V, 40-64V, 50-80V, 80-160V, 160-320V, 320-640V and 450-800V. Ac input options are 1-Phase 115Vac or 230Vac, as well as 3-Phase inputs of 3 x 200Vac, 3 x 400Vac, or 3 x 480Vac. Battery charging models are also available. Units feature single outputs in 10 standard ranges from 12-400Vdc. All outputs are adjustable and tightly regulated to 0.2% or better (load) and 0.1% (line). Custom input and output ranges are readily available. http://www.schaeferpower.com



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