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100V half-bridge drivers safely drive MOSFETs for bidirectional controller

RENESAS ELECTRONICS ISL784x4 family of automotive-grade 100V, 4A half-bridge N-channel MOSFET drivers includes three devices: ISL78424 and ISL78444 with single tri-level PWM input for controlling both gate drivers and ISL78434, which has dual independent inputs that separately control the high-side and low-side drivers. ISL784x4 half-bridge N-MOSFET drivers complement the ISL78224 4-phase bidirectional controller, enabling it to provide up to 3kW of power and greater than 95% efficiency in 12V-48V converters used in mild hybrid vehicles. ISL784x4 drivers are also well suited for 12V-24V bidirectional dc-dc converters, as well as other high current buck or boost applications.

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