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1000VA pure convection cooled sine wave inverter is IP66-rated

April 5, 2020  Stephen Law

ABSOPULSE ELECTRONICS CSI 1K-24/230-3XD3-HSF is a 1kVA addition to firm’s line of IP66-rated dc-ac sine wave inverters with pure convection cooling. Device is designed for applications where a suitable heatsinking surface is not available and only pure convection cooling is feasible. Inverter is built with three power modules packaged in IP66-rated die cast aluminium enclosures. A heatsink assembly is attached to the under-surface of each IP66 module, which is attached to a baseplate, providing pure convection cooling. Additional cooling is also achieved by internal conduction to the walls of each IP66 enclosure and convection via the outside surface. This enables operation within a -25 to +55°C temperature range for full specification without derating. Wider temperature ranges are available on request. Device measures 406 x 526 x 94 mm (16” x 20.7” x 3.7”) –excluding the dimensions of the heatsink fins.

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