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0.56-Micron pixel boosts quantum efficiency (QE) performance

Stephen Law   

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OMNIVISION Semiconductor solution featuring 0.56-µm pixel delivers uncompromising high quantum efficiency (QE) performance, enhanced quad phase detection (QPD) autofocus capabilities and low power consumption. The ultra-small pixel technology addresses the increasing demand for high-resolution and small pixel pitch image sensors for multi-camera mobile devices. With a pixel size now smaller than the wavelength of red light, the 0.56µm pixel design is enabled by a CMOS image sensor (CIS)-dedicated 28nm process node and 22nm logic process node, with a new pixel transistor layout and 2×4 shared pixel architecture. The pixel is based on firm’s PureCel Plus-S stacking technology, and deep photodiode technology is applied to carefully embed the photodiode deeper into the silicon.

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