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¼ Brick dc-dc converters rated at 100W and 150W

Polytron Devices QB100 and QB150 series ¼ Brick dc-dc converters boast 100 and 150 watt ratings, respectively and provide a 4:1 ultra-wide input range and operating temperature of -40 to +110°C. QB100 series offers high efficiency up to 93% and is delivered in a compact 2.28” x 1.45” x 0.50” quarter brick package. QB150 series, available in the same size package, with efficiency up to 92%. Both units provide remote control, no minimum load requirement and low standby power consumption; are CE marked and meet UL60950-1, EN60950-1 and IEC 60950-1 safety standard and are compliant with RoHS II and Reach guidelines.



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