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February 7, 2020 by Stephen Law

Compact, high-performance disk varistors shrink dimensions

TDK CORP. EPCOS B72214P2 compact S14 AdvanceD-MP series of metal oxide disk varistors feature smaller dimensions with the same performance as S14 AdvanceD-MP standard series. Disk diameters range from 13mm to 14mm, a reduction of approximately 3mm. Like the standard…
June 28, 2019 by Stephen Law

Varistors boost surge capability to 13kA

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY BCcomponents VDRUS series of VDR metal oxide varistors (MOV) are certified for operation up to +125°C in accordance with UL 1449 edition 4, VDE/IEC 61051-1/2. Designed to provide overvoltage and transient voltage protection in consumer goods and industrial…
February 11, 2019 by Stephen Law

Integrated fuse delivers compact overvoltage protection

TDK EPCOS ThermoFuse NT14 and NT20 series of fuse protected varistors provide compact overvoltage protection and a footprint that fits into existing circuit board layouts. NT14 series (disk diameter 14mm) absorb maximum surge currents with an 8/20-μs pulse of 6kA…
November 14, 2016 by Stephen Law

Varistors boost protection for automotive electronics

Series of metal-oxide varistors can protect critical circuit components from very high-energy discharges. Devices include dual-function varistor-capacitors that combine transient and EMI protection and plastic-enclosed varistors for increased reliability in humid environments. The dual-function devices integrate a capacitor to suppress interference…