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April 1, 2020 by Stephen Law

Compact power-over-Ethernet switch suits industrial designs

WAGO 852-1411/000-001 compact Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch is industrial grade, measuring two inches wide and four inches tall, and suitable for all applications with limited space. The wide voltage input of 24Vdc to 57Vdc, makes device suitable option for all PoE…
January 10, 2020 by Stephen Law

Safe, secure automotive Ethernet switch serves TSN

NXP SEMICONDUCTORS SJA1110 multi-gigabit Ethernet switch is designed to help automakers deliver the high-speed networks required for evolving connected vehicles. Device provides safety capabilities built in, delivering integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-assisted security, as well as multi-gigabit interfaces. Optimized for integration…
November 7, 2019 by Stephen Law

IP67 sealed detector switch has pcb termination

E-SWITCH TD1150 series compact sealed detector switch provides pcb termination. Device maintains an electrical life of 300,000 cycles, dust and moisture protection rating to IP67, and 100gf actuator force. The single-pole, single-throw (SPST) unit provides 11.6mm high actuator allowing long…
September 29, 2019 by Stephen Law

Illuminated tact switch is compact

E SWITCH TL6275 series compact 8mm by 8mm square thru-hole illuminated tact switch provides a 350-gram actuation force with a nominal travel of 0.25mm. Device is available in 5 LED color options and provides 4 lens or cap style options.…
September 28, 2019 by Stephen Law

IP67 rated anti-vandal switch has 400,000 possible configurations

EAO provides customization options and value added services to its versatile and attractive Series 82 vandal-resistant pushbuttons, including laser engraving with low minimum order requirements. Firm can add any industry accepted cable or connector to the pushbutton to meet all…
August 4, 2019 by Stephen Law

Compact solderless detector switch is waterproof

ALPS ALPINE SPVQ8 Series compact, solderless detector switch is for use in detecting the opening and closing of side doors, hoods and other vehicle doors. Device has an optimized terminal shape – a short fork terminal – achieved using high-precision…
July 23, 2019 by Stephen Law

Pushbutton meets demanding environments

XTRONICS IX series pushbutton combines the qualities of firm’s IP and IA series with a backlit switch and 12mm diameter compact bushing and flexible elastomer membrane actuator. Suitable for demanding environments device features a flexible elastomer membrane actuator, with no…
June 5, 2019 by Stephen Law

Vandal-resistant sealed switches serve outdoor applications

C&K ATP16 series anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switches are suitable for applications such as access controls, intercom push to talk devices, service station equipment and ticketing or automatic vending machines, among others. Product withstands deliberate damage and vandalism, which in turn…
April 18, 2019 by Stephen Law

Rocker activated switch/circuit breaker is IP65 rated

E-T-A CIRCUIT PROTECTION 3120-N series IP65 rated rocker activated switch and thermal circuit breaker combination unites overcurrent protection and the function of an ON/OFF switch within a single component. The trip element is a thermal bimetal. Product series is suitable…
January 23, 2019 by Stephen Law

Pcb rocker switch solution is IP67 sealed

X TRONICS APEM Rockermec printed circuit board rocker switch solution consists of two Multimec 5E switches, a sealing that also provides functionality and a rocker cap called 10A. Compact, reliable and aesthetic device is a compact solution for any high…
January 11, 2019 by Stephen Law

Anti-vandal switch has 40mm cutout panel size

E-SWITCH PV10 Series anti-vandal switch with 40mm cutout panel size provides a flat actuator, solder lug termination and multiple switch functions. Available as non-illuminated or ring or dot lens style illumination, product series provides multiple LED color options, including RGB…
January 3, 2019 by Stephen Law

SMT tact switch is illuminated

E-SWITCH TL3240 series surface mount (SMT) illuminated tact switch provides LED illumination in blue, red, green and yellow. Cap options are offered, but are ordered and shipped separately. The caps cannot go thru the reflow soldering process. Cap color choices…