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April 21, 2020 by Jun Yao, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Researchers unveil electronics that mimic human brain

UMass Amherst researchers advance neuromorphic computing with efficient, biological learning
April 17, 2020 by Laure-Anne Pessina, EPFL

EPFL researchers develop nanoscale device that can see through walls

Nanodevice operates more than 10-times the speed of today’s fastest transistors
March 9, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

Research reveals strong adoption of AI within the IoT ecosystem

Results from Newark’s Internet of Things survey also show increasing confidence in companies to lead IoT development
August 12, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Feds invest $137M in CANARIE to renew mandate

Investment in Canada’s digital research infrastructure positions Canadians for leadership in world-class, data-intensive research and innovation
July 25, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Scientists create transparent, self-healing electronic skin

Just like a jellyfish, the electronic skin is transparent, stretchable, touch-sensitive and self-healing in aquatic environments
March 20, 2019 by Laura Arenschield, Ohio State News

Researchers discover new material to help power electronics

Findings could mean a revamp of the way engineers create all different kinds of electronic devices
May 5, 2017 by Stephen Law

U of Waterloo supercomputer to field big data research, machine learning

The University of Waterloo, Compute Canada and Compute Ontario unveiled the largest supercomputer at any Canadian university. Located at Waterloo, it will provide expanded resources for researchers across the country working on a broad range of topics, including artificial intelligence,…
March 6, 2017 by By University of Calgary relations staff

UCalgary researchers awarded NSERC Strategic Partnership Grants

Institute for Quantum Science and Technology has been awarded for work with nanophotonic circuits that allows light to be manipulated “on-chip” where it can be used to for quantum information processing technology.
January 29, 2017 by Stephen Law

$20M fund to support innovation at Ontario’s colleges

The new $20-million Colleges Applied Research and Development Fund (CARDF) announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne will promote new economic growth, according to the Ontario Centres of Excellence and Colleges Ontario.  “College-based applied research projects continue to develop innovations that help…