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April 25, 2020 by EP&T Magazine

LeddarTech partners with Ningbo Sunny Automotive Optech Co.

Goal is to accelerate LiDAR deployment for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving applications
April 12, 2020 by Stephen Law

Kraken partners with Greensea Systems

Partnership expand the collaborative efforts already undertaken between the two firms
February 12, 2020 by Stephen Law

Development kit speeds software development

SYNOPSYS ARC HS4x/4xD development kit with silicon-based hardware platform with DSP functionality accelerates software development for mobile baseband, voice/speech, home audio and artificial intelligence applications. Kit accelerates software development for SoC based on the superscalar ARC HS4x and DSP-enhanced HS4xD…
January 25, 2020 by Stephen Law

Cloud-ready industrial IoT platform is secure, scalable

FUTURE ELECTRONICS Laird Connectivity Sentrius RG1xx series Gateway is a cloud-ready industrial IoT platform that is a secure, scalable and robust LoRaWAN solution for end-to-end control of private LoRaWAN networks. Offering a LoRaWAN range up to 16 kilometres and pre-loaded…
December 12, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

LeddarTech Partners with First Sensor

Goal is to accelerate LiDAR deployment for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving applications
December 12, 2019 by Stephen Law

Low power FPGA platform serve wide range of development

LATTICE SEMICONDUCTOR Nexus low power FPGA platform is architected to deliver power-efficient performance that will benefit developers of a wide range of applications, including AI for IoT, video, hardware security, embedded vision, 5G infrastructure and industrial/automotive automation. Platform augments the…
September 10, 2019 by Adam Khan, founder & CEO, AKHAN Semiconductor

The case for diamond semiconductors

Newly developed technology aims to impact and transform all industries
September 9, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

Patriot One acquires AI firm XTRACT Technologies

Part of an ongoing strategic initiative to bring together leading-edge technologies and services that will enhance its PATSCAN Platform
September 6, 2019 by Stephen Law

CompactPCI serial dev platform enables high-speed processing in test environment

ELMA ELECTRONIC E-Frame test and development platform includes a 3U CompactPCI Serial-based system designed for high-speed data processing. Platform includes a 9-slot backplane comprised of one system slot and eight peripheral slots, with Ethernet routed as full mesh. Product is…
December 18, 2018 by Stephen Law

Development platform customizes LCD displays

AVNET SimplePlus Display Solutions is a unique platform that simplifies the process of customizing LCD touch display solutions for applications spanning multiple markets. Platform provides the ability to meet user experience requirements without placing time to market and budget at…
November 24, 2018 by EP&T Magazine

Digital-micro-switch technology seeks to disrupt electronic system development

Menlo Microsystems’ new 8” wafer fab capability signals the coming of a new generation of electronics
November 17, 2018 by Stephen Law

Development chassis serve 3U OpenVPX boards

PIXUS TECHNOLOGIES VPXD0500 series open-frame embedded computing development platform for OpenVPX and other backplane architectures. Product series accepts as many as eight slots of 3U OpenVPX backplanes in a 1-inch pitch. The enclosure also accepts other 3U backplanes such as CompactPCI or VME. Versions…