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November 24, 2019 by EP&T Magazine

CEL and LITEC reach partnership

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) and LITEC Corp. announce a partnership allowing CEL to exclusively promote and sell LITEC’s RF PIN diode products in the Americas, Israel and India. CEL has more than a 60-year history of marketing RF components to…
August 14, 2019 by Stephen Law

InGaAs PIN photodiodes serve IR instrumentation, monitoring

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS Models MTPD1346D-200 and MTPD1346D-300 large active area InGaAs PIN photodiodes are specifically suited for expanded infrared instrumentation and monitoring capabilities. Devices are available in higher-gain active area sizes of 2.0mm and 3.0mm, and feature a 1.7um cutoff. Devices…
December 22, 2018 by Stephen Law

InGaAs/InP broadband PIN photodiodes support high-speed communications

MARKTECH OPTOELECTRONICS Model MTPD1346D-xx series of InGaAs/InP broadband PIN photodiodes effectively convert broadband light into photocurrents within the VIS-SWIR range. Devices deliver low noise, high sensitivity and high-speed response, while providing wide standard spectral ranges of 0.6μm to 1.7μm (1.7μm…
October 6, 2016 by Stephen Law

Spring-loaded pin delivers 3mm maximum stroke

MILL-MAX 0919-0-15-20-89-14-11-0 spring-loaded pin provides a maximum stroke of 3mm (.118”) with an initial height of .379” (9.63mm). Device is designed for SMT termination and can be used at a minimum spacing of .100” (2.54mm). Device has a recommended working…