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October 2, 2019 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscope doubles maximum bandwidth to 16GHz

ROHDE & SCHWARZ RTP high-performance oscilloscope family includes 13GHz and 16GHz models. The compact, multi-purpose lab instrument is scalable from the 4GHz minimum up to the full 16GHz bandwidth. Units provide powerful debugging functions such as the high-speed serial pattern…
August 25, 2019 by Stephen Law

Digital oscilloscope delivers bandwidth up to 2GHz

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES MSO8000 series digital oscilloscope delivers bandwidth up to 2GHz, along with a jitter and real-time eye analysis package. Unit delivers the same 7 instrument in 1 capability as firm’s other UltraVision II Oscilloscopes. Logic Analysis, Protocol Analysis, Spectrum…
July 4, 2019 by Stephen Law

13 – 16GHz oscilloscopes deliver high-speed serial standards in multiple designs

TEKTRONIX DPO70000SX Series Performance Oscilloscope are scalable and includes 13GHz and 16GHz models, providing high sample rate and low noise floor. Models provide four 50GS/s sample rate input channels with the unique ability to synchronize up to four scopes for…
June 12, 2019 by Stephen Law

MDO and MSOs enhanced displays boosts user experience

TEKTRONIX 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO) and 4 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) are powerful, versatile and easy-to-use. Products feature a highly intuitive touchscreen user interface, among largest and highest resolution display in this class. State-of-the-art product portfolio delivers…
April 29, 2019 by Stephen Law

4 Channel 5GHz real time oscilloscope boosts speed performance

SAELIG PicoScope 9404-05 5GHz oscilloscope is a PC-based high-resolution device that delivers high-speed performance by combining the benefits of real-time and equivalent-time sampling with very high analog bandwidth. Unit has four 5GHz 50 ohm input channels, each with its own…
March 25, 2019 by Stephen Law

Portable oscilloscope kits are shockproof

TECHNICAL AEMC Handscope Model OX5042 Oscilloscope is compact, shockproof and can be comfortably held in one hand. The Kits contain many additional items including ac current probes as outlined in the descriptions below. Unit is an ergonomically designed instrument equipped…
February 19, 2019 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscope delivers bandwidth up to 1 GHz

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SDS5000X oscilloscope is available with bandwidths of 350, 500, and 1GHz, and provides a maximum sample rate of 5GS/s – fast enough to capture elusive measurements. Unit also includes 250Mpts of acquisition memory and a waveform-update rate of…
December 18, 2018 by Dave Pereles, technical marketing manager, Tektronix

Speeding up power rail timing verification with an 8-channel oscilloscope

Most electronics systems today use more than one power rail and many use four or more. A single IC, such as an FPGA, DSP or microcontroller can require several power rails, and these may have specific timing requirements. For example,…
November 26, 2018 by Stephen Law

Digital oscilloscope boosts performance capability

RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES MSO5000 UltraVision II series digital oscilloscope boosts performance capability in a bench oscilloscope, delivering a bandwidth from 70MHz to 350MHz, 8GSa/sec sample rate, 500,000wfms/sec waveform capture rate, and up to 200M Record Length. Unit delivers upgraded system performance,…
September 24, 2018 by Stephen Law

Mixed signal oscilloscope boosts speed, lowers noise

TEKTRONIX 6 Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope extends the performance threshold of midrange units to 8GHz and delivers a 25GS/s sample rate simultaneously on all 4 channels, allowing designers to accurately view up to four high-speed signals at one time.…
July 4, 2018 by Stephen Law

Oscilloscope boosts signal integrity, measurement speed

ROHDE & SCHWARZ R&S RTP oscilloscope family provides ultra fast acquisition rate of one million waveforms per second, realtime compensation of transmission losses (deembedding) between the signal source and oscilloscope, plus silent operation even at full load. Products are available…
May 4, 2018 by Stephen Law

2 channel mixed signal oscilloscope delivers 1GSa/s, 200MHz

B&K PRECISION 2560 Series digital oscilloscope with DSO and MSO models includes a front panel that boasts an 8″ widescreen with 256-level color gradient, 4 analog channels, and logic analyzer. The logic analyzer software and 16-channel logic probe are included…